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Guide on Taking Ideal Selfies

Selfies have become the order of the day especially with younger adults as studies have shown. Younger women are reported to spend a lot of time to prepare and take the best selfie they can and usually the number of shots may be staggering. Sometimes taking the ideal selfie could see a change of makeup several times, changing hairstyles and even venues and that means a lot of effort and time. However, you don’t have to be a victim for this anymore as there are tips that you could use to help with taking better selfies and within very short periods of time. Taking a selfie is not that easy as it would seem, but when you know how to take every consideration as you are doing it, you will have an easier time doing it.

Today people engage more on social media platforms and selfies are considered to be one of the best self-expression platforms hence the need to have them right. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, people that are following you on different social media platforms can tell a lot about you from what selfies the see uploaded. The first thing you need to have right is the camera height, the best selfie shots are those that are taken higher than the line of vision. If you are taking a selfie that has other people in it, the camera height allows you to fit all the features that you want in the shots. Light is another factor that is key, without proper lighting you will notice that taking good selfies is a bit of a struggle. If you find it much more sensible taking photos in the middle of the day, you need to mind the shadow effect. Face tilts can also help with making some very good selfies, however, this is something you should do if the straight on pose does not work for you and it should be gentle.

If you don’t want your double chin to make it in the selfie, you can try tilting your head up or down to get a shot that has concealed those features. By holding piece of paper right under your double chin, reflection of light will help conceal the double chin. There is no doubt that a natural smile will help with delivering one of a kind selfies, a smile will help with bringing out your best shots. For ladies brighter lipstick adds to making a selfie look amazing, dark lipstick could make you appear tired. Watch your angles as well, for full body selfies having the best angle will make you look really good.

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