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The Best Ways to Know Your Bone Density

Measuring the thickness of one’s bone can be done in so many ways. But most of the healthcare professionals these days suggest the DEXA scan because it is one of the most accurate, precise and fastest ways to do so. Most of the patients suffering from bone problems are required to get a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan or the DEXA scan because it is the easiest way for doctors to determine their bone’s density. This process uses small doses of ionizing radiation in producing images of your bones in order to determine its actual density. So if you feel like your bones are getting weak, you have to check with your doctor so you can have the DEXA scan that will help you determine the actual condition of your bones.

The DEXA scan is usually required for patients suffering from osteoporosis because it can help them determine the density of the bones and any improvements right after treatment. Weakened bones due to osteoporosis is common for most men and women again from 65 onwards. In order to determine one’s bone health, many doctors these days require their elderly patients to take a DEXA scan. Yet it does not necessarily mean that only elderly patients are required to take the DEXA scan because even the young patients can also be subject to the test most especially if the doctor suspects early signs of osteoporosis on them. Right after a patient receives treatment for certain bone problems, there is a higher chance that they will have to take the DEXA scan every once in a while.

There are not a lot of preparations you need to take before you are scheduled to take your DEXA scan. The procedures are the same as when you are taking an X-ray, and the radiologist will usually ask female patients if they are pregnant or they suspect that they are pregnant. However, there are also certain specifications that you need to take note of when taking the DEXA scan because there are precautions that you have to observe. For instance, if you just had a CT scan or a radioisotope scan, chances are you might get a discrepancy as for your results, so you should check with your doctor about it. You must also tell your doctor or any other appropriate healthcare professional if you have recently taken a barium test right before you are supposed to take your DEXA scan. When you are also taking a calcium supplement, you will also be advised to stop taking it at least a day before your scheduled DEXA scan. That way, you can get better results.

If you are not so sure about the preparations you need to take before taking the DEXA scan, you have to reach out to your doctor or any other competent healthcare professional to give you a piece of advice.

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