Mystery room

The massive dark interior doors led into a secret room in the northern part of the house. It was not a completely secret room, not in the sense that no one knew where it was or what it was. It was a fact that no one was allowed into that room. Neither the mother, nor the children, nor the father's wife, not even the maid or the butler. No one could touch the sacred place that was the father's study. No one knew why, he didn't tell anyone why, but he probably didn't.
Adam's father was a judge, so it was obvious that there were folders on the table with photos from places of action and the like, which he probably didn't want the children to see. And, of course, it was not allowed to lose her, just as no one could know anything. The work of the judge was very laborious mainly in that he could not tell anyone, except his therapist, what he was doing.

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