In our favorite pastry shop they have so many sweets that they pass through the eyes

We don't know what to choose. So many desserts and cakes are here that it's not easy to choose. One is better than the other. We'll pick a few pieces, wrap them up so we can bring them home to the family. Of course, we will buy a few ice cream on the way. They have her here so good that never, when we're building here, we don't resist.
We took a Therk
Whenever we go out of work, we take ice cream to the kids home. They have holidays, and in such a heat they like to welcome her. They are always waiting for us, and cheering for the joy of being a delicious refreshment. Every day we choose another one to be able to taste all of them. They're all just as delicious. At home we take her to the master, and we enjoy.

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